Physical Plans to work from, specifically if you are not 3D Printing your droid.

3D Files

3D STL Files

Styrene Plans

Tailored plans for full styrene builds. Still working on these!

Builder Showcase


If you are interested in viewing the different groups for building various Star Wars Droids please visit the link below. This table is constantly being updated, if you create or discover a new group, please contact us at

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Astromech International

The International Astromech Builders

UK R2 Builders

The UK Astromech Builders

MrBaddeley Printed Droids

MrBaddeley Printed Droid

MrBaddeley Printed Droids Facebook Group

BB8 Builders

BB-8 Builders

BB-8 Builders Forum

Gonk Droid Builders

Gonk Droid Builders

Gonk (GNK) Droid Builders Facebook Group

Mouse Droid Builders

Mouse Droid Builders

Mouse (MSE) Droid Builders Forum

BD-1 Builders

BD-1 Builders

BD-1 Builders Facebook Group

D-0 Builders

D-0 Builders

D-0 Builders Facebook Group